Thursday, January 9, 2014

safe and chic pregnancy shoes

The first thing my mother and my sister said to me when they found out was "no more high heels!" I don't really consider myself a wearer of "high heels" in the traditional sense. Pointy, skinny, delicate things were NEVER my thing. I DID, however, wear a lot of heeled wooden clogs that were over 2 inches tall (which I guess to a concerned family is a high heel). Anyway, I have been wearing more appropriate shoes, as deemed by my family. In rotation include the following:

no. 6 shearling clog These things are like slippers. They keep my toes snug and warm. Also note the pregnancy friendly height!

acne pistol boot These boots have totally molded to my feet for the past year I've had them. They are a good height (stable) and have a nice arch (they say not to wear flats when pregnant). They are my go to.

Isabel Marant bluebell So, I actually have the black ones, but decided it was weird to only show black shoes on this post. I do wear a lot of black, so I'm naturally inclined to wear black shoes. These in white are way cute though! The wedge is totally comfortable and they are SNEAKERS! My family totes approves.

So, guys, I know (and realize) it seems ridiculous to post shoes that are so expensive. I wear expensive shoes because it is important to me where my things come from. No. 6 is US made. Isabel Marant shoes are made in France. Acne pistols are made in Italy. I don't wear clothing or shoes that are made in developing countries because I want to support living wages. So there. Expensive, but with a moral conscience! Plus, it's nice to be comfortable, moral, and fashionable, eh?

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