Friday, January 31, 2014

pseudo-maternity clothes

Ok. So, I went to my OB yesterday and she totally commented on my clothing! Ha. I was wearing this super voluminous top and she said "pseudo-maternity clothes"! Yeah, pretty much that's what I'm all about these days. I'm trying only to buy things in my (regular) size so I don't need to worry about waste. Also needing to think about what I can wear after (for nursing) is good because I so plan to be normal (weight) again afterwards. It's weird having a belly. Don't get me wrong, I love that I'm growing a baby and happy to be gaining weight. But, I am a girl, and feeling like I don't look like myself is a weird thing. I'm pretty much try to stay true to my personal style. (I did buy some sweatpants in a loopy frenzy, but returned quickly) I'm pretty much all about flow-y, loose, and easy dressing these days. Sweatpant feel, but not sweatpant look.

tiena ho top ($150) I was debating about this top, but ordered it the other day. It is kinda pricy for a top, but I figured the wearability factor would be a serious plus in my book. I can so wear thing with leggings and a sweater for the next couple of months and then the warmer weather would call for a pairing with shorts. I love how easy it looks on.

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  1. Its a little procey - but its really nicely cut and a staple item. It has style and although you have a bump it still looks cool. I'm into it! good job