Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mama bracelets

I love the idea of moms wearing their child's name. On a necklace, a bracelet, earrings?! Personalized jewelry is so intimate and heirloom-y. I love the look of piling on jewelry and adding sentiment is icing on the cake. I wear a gold pinky signet ring with my hubby's initials daily. And now, I'm kind of jonesing for an ID bracelet with my baby's name.

loren stewart itsy ID bracelet ($295) I love the delicate diamond. I love the slim ID bar. This is a grown-up and subtle way to wear your baby's name.

loren stewart gold and silver ID bracelet ($295) I love the masculine and chunky feel of this bracelet. Definitely adds some toughness to the dresses and sandals I will be living in when the warmer weather (and bigger belly) rolls around. Mixed metal = matches everything.

child's ID bracelet in 14K ($171) Can this be cuter? It's super child-like and reminds me of the bracelets I wanted when I was a little girl. Total bonus that when my little girl grows up, I can totally slip this on her wrist. What is better than dual purpose? And how selfless of me to think about jewelry for my offspring?

14K rolo chain ID bracelet ($232.48) This bracelet is sort of no nonsense, practical, and classically beautiful. I dig the thick chain, the cute heart dangle, and the traditional ID tag. This is the bracelet I envision throwing on and leaving on. And it's nice to not have to worry about jewelry being too delicate or breaking on me (I mean, I will be carrying and playing with a child who likes to pull things). 

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