Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY maternity jeans

I took an old pair of Rag and Bone leggings and made my own maternity pants. It actually was easier than I thought it'd be. You basically just need basic sewing skills. I used a sewing machine, but you could stitch it by hand if you have the patience.
1) I cut out the pockets (they were faux pockets anyway) and left like 2-3 cm of space (i.e. leave an edge and don't cut the entire "pocket" out).
2) Then use the cut out part and cut a pair of old leggings (slightly bigger than the "pocket"). Then pin the fabric (tucking the fray edge in) and sew! Easy easy!

Her's what the inside looks like. Excuse the imprecise sewing/cutting! I made the pants before the blog, so sorry I don't have more pictures of the process. I used a pair of pants that were too snug for me (before I got pregnant), so it was a no lose situation. Now, they are awesome! The legging part really adds like 2-3 inches of waist and it's fitting my bump nicely. Not bad since designer maternity pants are quite expensive!

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