Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY bird mobile dreamcatcher with feathers

So, I was looking for beautiful things as soon as I got pregnant. I have a firm idea of what I like and what I want for a nursery, but it's kind of difficult to dream about when you don't know the sex of the baby. When I found out it was a girl? I pretty much KNEW I needed to make a dreamcatcher. I had many versions in my head with crystals, beads, and feathers. Then I realized tiny pieces might not be so safe (and feathers not so hypoallergenic) for a baby. So, I decided to make felt feathers and a bird made out of linen.

I used floral wire to make the circle. Then I wrapped it with cream cotton ribbon.  Next I cut out feathers from wool felt. I did it freehand, as I like the ease and imprecision of all the leaves being different. You're welcome to use a fabric pen/chalk too. I wrapped the tops of the leaves with gold thread and then tied it to the circle part of the dreamcatcher. I cut some cream linen fabric and made a little dove (stuffed with organic cotton). Viola. Whimsical, ethereal, and personal. I debated making an owl (versus the dove). I thought about using gold ribbon (instead of thread) too. This is the first version I dreamed up. I also thought about using a branch, maybe making a cloud, and using pom poms too. The possibilities are endless! You just have to experiment.

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