Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY baby sunsuit

The nice thing about making your own baby clothes is having control over the fabric (I don't like girly colors and I like organic!) and where it comes from (If I can help it, I don't like buying things made in places that don't pay living wages). I like baby items made by local designers, but that gets super expensive. Especially when we are talking about clothes babies wear for a few months. Maybe I'm nesting, maybe I've been bored (it IS ridiculously cold in NYC of late), but I have been making quite a few things for my little one. I kind of wish it were summer, then I'd have a baby model to put the clothes in. Here are the sunsuits that I made over the weekend. I imagine they'd be super cute on!

I used a cotton forest print for the baby sunsuit. The tutorial is super easy to follow. You just need some patience and basic sewing knowledge. The first one took me just under 2 hours (I had to adjust a few times). The second one took way less time.

Here I also used a cotton print. I found it easy to sew using this fabric. It would be cute with a stretch knit too, but a non-stretch one is easier to manage with shirring and all that. And yes, that print includes a ghost and a bunny wearing an eye patch. I couldn't get over how brilliant the fabric was and had to buy it!

I did switch it up a bit. Instead of buttons, I made a loop in the back so you can tie in a bow/knot. I'm terrible with button holes, so I took a shortcut.

When you get comfortable with the whole sunsuit making, you can switch it up. I took the same concept and made a top and some bloomers. I think a dress would also be cute also. So many sweet options!

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