Tuesday, January 21, 2014

baby toys!

I've been looking around in stores for cribs and strollers. It is super hard work deciding what is appropriate, useful, and necessary. It's kind of scary and outrageous how expensive these things can be. Imagine a day of looking at $400-$900 strollers and $1000 cribs. Yep. My head is dizzy. Then...I spotted a super cute doll. And for $32?! Something I can finally afford. I get home (after buying nothing) and looked at the maileg site for hours. Soooooo cute. Here are my favorites!

Badger: Wouldn't this look so cute in a nursery? I love the neutral colors and home-made feel of this doll. Totally like something I would make (only I don't have to!).
 Villa Voice Mobile: This mobile is one of the cutest I've seen. So interesting to look at. I'd totally be mesmerized if I were a baby.
 Wooden Box w/24 vegetables : Um, these are so cute I cannot deal. A box of vegetables? Can they be more me? I need them. ASAP.

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